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Vacation fun time

Barely a month at WKU and already our seven young Game Changers took on the task of planning and hosting WKU ‘vacation fun time’.

The team of seven (7) are Senior High School (SHS) and Tertiary graduates all unemployed. Four (4) are SHS, one (1) a nurse and the other two (2) Technical School graduates (an electrician and electronics).

WhizzKids organises vacation activities to keep the youth active during their holidays. This time around the game changers facilitated all the activities. They came up with a time table and poster for the activities. They took them through football fun activities, games and adolescent reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, debate, music, dance, reading, storytelling, art and craft and a talent show. They also organised a health screening for thirteen (13) of the girls who are older.

According to the game changers it was an eye opener for them. They enjoyed the experience of being teachers and mentors. Though it was hectic and challenging, they say they are up to the task come next vacation. The Game Changers said, “Game Changers programme has imparted greatly on us as individuals. It has made us think critically as to when issues arise and how to go about solving them. Through GC we learnt how to listen to others ideas, views and work together as one big team. WKU has brought our confidence level high. We can now boldly stand and speak confidently before a group of people”.

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